Archumen - India's Biggest Architecture Quiz for students of architecture was initiated in 2002 by Ethos- an organisation that strives to be the wind beneath the wings of young minds that are to shape our built environment in the years to come.

Moving on from a modest beginning at The Town Hall in Kolkata, Archumen travelled to Sri Lanka where an edition was held in Colombo. Archumen was also hosted in Pakistan in October 2010 at the National College of Arts at Lahore during the Students' Jamboree at The Asian Congress of Architects - ACA 14. It is the most sought after quizzing event in the architecture community.

Archumen is conducted as a four-zone quiz that culminates in a Grand National Finale! The quiz is a celebration of world architecture, it encourages and inspires students to test their knowledge as well as expose them to the most relevant and valuable information that deepens their understanding of architecture with an intention to inspire creative thoughts in a competitive, and fun environment.

This year with Archumen, get ready to win cash prizes, certificates, and a lot more! Stay tuned!