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After a rocking season of 2016, we are back with an exciting 2017 edition! All geared up? Transparence - India's largest Architectural Design Competition is brought to you by Saint-Gobain India - Glass Business. Ably supported by Ethos, Transparence inspires the budding architects of today to give flight to their wings of imagination and creativity. The larger theme for this year is "Wellbeing" and Transparence 12.0 looks specifically at "Healing Spaces", to design a Mother and Child Hospital, set in Kolkata.

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Ar.Vivek Rathore is the Principal Architect and founder of Salient Design Studio. A graduate of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee (of which he is also a visiting faculty), he has made a pioneering contribution to the concepts of Biophyllic (in love with nature) design in architecture. Ar.Rathore's work has been nationally and internationally recognized with several awards that speak volumes of his design excellence and commitment to sustainability. As he goes on to curate Transparence 12.0. his presence is sure to inspire tomorrow's architects who will get to draw from his extensive experience and expertise.

The Reward

per team,
a trophy and a certificate
per team,
a trophy and a certificate
per team,
a trophy and a certificate
per team, a certificate and an opportunity to win the National Trophy

*All participants with submissions that are found technically complete by the jury will be awarded a certificate.


The theme for this year’s Transparence falls under the bigger umbrella of “Wellbeing”, which is often defined as the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

"The moment a child is born, a mother is also born".

This year’s Transparence brief is the design of "Healing spaces - A Mother and Child Welfare Centre" that focuses on the five pillars of 'Wellbeing' –

  • Safety
  • Air quality
  • Thermal comfort
  • Acoustic comfort
  • Solar comfort
  • Social responsibility
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Economic viability
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Environmental health

While this is not exactly a measurable factor, a mother and child hospital is often associated with new beginnings. If the spaces are sterile and are designed in such a way so as to celebrate new beginnings, it will, most likely, amount to a happy place!

The Site

Bed Capacity-120 numbers

Total bulit up area:Max.1 lac sq.ft.

  • A-Women Care Unit:
  • Outpaitent consultation,Inpatient LDRP;LDR;OT;Level I'll ante/post-natal care Unit,critical care Unit.

  • B-Child Care unit:
  • Output Consultation,Inpatient Service,Surgical Service,Paediatric Critical Care,Neonatal Critial Care,Paediatric & Neonatal Emergency

  • C- Diagnostic Unit
  • D- Wellness Unit:
  • Aesthetic surgery & Cosmetology; Yoga Center; Spa

  • E- Additional Services :
  • Salon( with basic services), Vanity Shop, Garment shop for the Kids & would be moms

    Ancillary/Support Unit :

    kitchen, Laundry, HK (House Keeping) functions, Cafeteria, CSSD (Central Sterile Supply Department), Pharmacy, Mortuary

Site Bye Laws

Location & Size:

The site is 2 acres of Land parcel adjacent (overlooking) to Eco park - a 400 acres of lake front Ecological and Leisure Park in New Town,Rajarhat. The Park has average footfall of over 10.000 peple every. It has a rich biodiversity and serves as a vital lung space ti the upcoming New Town.

Building Rules(Mandatory)
  • Permissible FAR-1.5
  • Maximum Permissible Ground Coverage-40%
  • Maximum Permissible Height-40 Meters
  • Minimum Green Belt Area(virgin green for tree plantation) 15% of the site area.
  • Minimum Front Open Space(setback) and Side Open Space(setback) -15% of the Buliding Height or 5 Meters whichver is more
  • Minimum Rear Open Space (setback) 25% of the Buliding Height or 8 Meters whichever is more
  • Parking Requirements:1 car park for every 100 sqm of Built Up.
  • Minimum Dimension of Ventilation Shift for toilets,utilities etc.(if provided for Natural Ventilation) shall have a mimimum dimension of 3 Meters.

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