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Transparence 2016
The biggest show on the planet.


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Transparence 2016
The biggest show on the planet.

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Transparence – India’s most prestigious and anticipated Architectural Design Competition is back in an all-new avatar. And this time it’s going be bigger and bolder.

Since its inception in 2005, Transparence has provided up-and-coming architects and interior designers with the perfect platform to showcase their creativity, imagination and innovation. Over the years, it has become an integral part of the industry calendar, eagerly anticipated by students and the architectural fraternity alike.

This year, Transparence takes creativity to a whole new level, and we invite you to embrace the challenge and unleash your passion.

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Sonali Bhagwati, President DPA and the co-founder of Spazzio Design will be the mentor for Transparence 2016. She is an accomplished architect of international fame for her contributions in contemporary design. Winner of several Indian and International awards, Sonali will play a key role in infusing enthusiasm and passion in this competition.

The Reward

per team,
a trophy and a certificate
per team,
a trophy and a certificate
per team,
a trophy and a certificate
per team, a certificate and an opportunity to win the National Trophy

*All participants with submissions that are found technically complete by the jury will be awarded a certificate.


The theme for Transparence 2016 is Space In Motion

Pragati Maidan in New Delhi has been an epicenter of culture, history and art and has been playing an active part in encouraging and showcasing this since 1972. It has also been home to several literary fests, trade fairs and theatre over the years, inspiring and nurturing artists and their art. With such a rich legacy, Transparence 2016 gives you an opportunity to design and create a Performing Arts Centre at the Pragati Maidan complex.

The core elements to consider while designing this Performing Arts Centre will be - PEOPLE, PACE & PLACE.

PEOPLE: While the artist is at the core of any performance, the people who work along with the artist and the audience that immerse themselves in the performance, play an equally vital role to enhance and complete the journey.
PACE: Any performance has a pre, during and post. From an artist’s perspective, each of the 3 stages require the perfect measure of time to elevate the final experience.
PLACE: The challenge is to design a dynamic and versatile art centre, that adapts to diverse art forms and activities.

The Site

Pragati Maidan is located in Central Delhi and has been home to large exhibitions and conventions. With over 72000 sq. metres of exhibition space, it is New Delhi’s largest exhibition and convention centre.

Pragati Maidan’s architecture has taken inspiration from the legacy and history of the city - Dilli, Lutyens Delhi and Purana Qila. It was designed by architect Raj Rewal and was inaugurated in November 1972. Today, Pragati Maidan is a landmark known to promote and inspire art and culture.

The site area of the Performing Arts Centre is 13.5 acres and the challenge is to build dynamic spaces to accommodate varied styles of performing arts.

Site By-Laws

Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
Total Site Area
13.5 acres of which 8.5 acres to be used to design the Performing Arts Centre, and the remaining 5 acres can be used as deemed fit.
Area Program
Accommodate at least 3 different kinds of Performing Art forms and 3 different kinds of Stages for scales of audience. A restaurant or café and at least 2 other activities other than performing arts such as – classrooms, exhibition spaces, cinema halls, etc. to be a part of the design.

Lastly, a deeper understanding of the relationship between people and space is a must while approaching the design. This will not only be about the visual aesthetics, but also include build aspects such as flooring, ceiling, distance between the audience and stage and acoustics.

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